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Aquasana Filter Shower

Aquasana Shower Filter 

The Aquasana Shower Filter Review. People who use Aquasana Water Filters know how good they are at getting rid of the nasty things that hide in the tap water that is flowing directly into your home. You absorb a great deal through your skin just as easily as you do by eating food or drinking liquids. Things like harsh toxic chemicals, lead, aluminum, bacteria, amoeba, mold spores, fungii, and other health robbing things like chlorine (chlorine dioxide that turns into chlorine gas) when you run hot or warm water in the shower.

Aquasana Shower Filter units stop these toxins from getting into your lungs, under your skin and damaging your immune system. They are very easy to install and will protect you and your family from all the things that are being pumped into your home that you would normally absorb at your own risk. When looking at a shower filter, you should always get one that removes the chlorine, as that's one of the biggest dangers to your health from your shower. The Aquasana Shower Filter Review shows you the benefits of this simple, yet effective and elegant shower filter. 


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Is Chlorine Toxic?

Is Chlorine Toxic? Chlorine dioxide, also known as simply chlorine is a additive in most tap water, that although it kills some harmful organisms, will also harm your immune system, organs, and skin. It is a carcinogen (cancer causing agent) that has a laundry list of serious health risks. Chlorine dioxide becomes 6 times more harmful when vaporized into steam in your shower.


This chlorine changes into chlorine gas (also chloroform gas) while you are showering and you inhale it directly into your lungs, absorb it in your scalp and brain, as well as into your skin cells and pores. But instead of helping you you are zapping yourself with a toxic chemical that you should not be taking into your body. Ever wonder why people are getting more asthma, allergies, immune system problems, and Alzheimer's? 


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Chlorine Side Effects:

  • Eye Redness and Irritation
  • Sinusitis, Allergies and Asthma
  • Itchy Throat
  • Dries Out and Damages Your Skin (your largest organ)
  • Damages Your Lungs and Weakens Capacity
  • Accelerated Aging and Free Radical Damage
  • Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis
  • Makes Your Cholesterol “sticky”
  • DNA and Genetic damage
  • Increases Cancer Risk


Most of us now filter our drinking water, but are still taking toxins into our bodies through an unfiltered shower. Don't allow this chlorine gas and other tap water contaminants (flushed medicines, harmful living organisms, lead, heavy metals) to get into your brain and body. Filter it out with a highly effective Aquasana Shower Filter today! 


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Chlorine Shower Filter

Every house needs a good Chlorine Shower Filter like the Aquasana Shower Filter. Especially if you don't have a whole house water filter system. The shower head filtration unit that greatly reduces and transforms harmful chlorine gas into safe chlorides that pass from your body out into your urine.


Benefits of The Aquasana Water Filter Systems Shower head:

  • Works in both hot and cold water

  • 4 Level Massage Shower Head
  • Reduces over 90% of chlorine dioxide gas

  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation while showering

  • Reduces the levels of iron, iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide

  • Contains bacteriostatic media (KDF-55) to remove pathogens

  • Protects your hair and skin from over drying

  • Removes foul tastes and odors

  • Reduces fungi, mold, lime and scale

  • Handheld Attachment Shower head included!


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Aquasana Shower Filter Review

The Aquasana Shower Filter Review with over 500 recent Aquasana reviews,  has one of the highest ratings and customer satisfaction levels of any shower water filter unit. Take a look at a the reviews, many more on the Aquasana review details page.

There are many more great reviews showing the pros and cons, and what people like the most, and other comments. The best way is to just try it for yourself, and write your own testimonial of how easy it is to install and how it helps you look and feel your best. No more dry, itchy skin! Enjoy your shower the way you should. 


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Aquasana Shower Filters

If you want to make sure you are getting the toxic chlorine gas and chemicals out of your shower then Aquasana has you covered. You absorb so much through your skin. Chlorine can make your hair dull and dried out looking. It makes your nails brittle and cracked. And your skin can get really dry.


Chlorine gas also causes eye irritation, sinusitis, asthma and allergies and can weaken your immune system. These negative health effects are so easy to prevent too. Just get the top rated shower filter that gives your water a healthy pH balance you can feel. Get your own Aquasana Shower Filter by clicking on the following link: Aquasana Shower Filters.

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