Whole House Water Filter Reviews

  Whole House Water Filter Reviews Whole House Water Filter Reviews. Getting your own whole house water filter system is probably one of the best decisions you can make for you and your family’s health. Water is life! Life in our universe is dependent upon water. Our planet is made up about 70-80% Water. Your body is made up of about 70-80% water as well. Without water there can be no life. Before our industrial age, the fresh water sources on this planet were fairly pristine, and we didn’t have to worry about filtering our water or risk serious illness. Now you absolutely need to get the Best Whole House Water Filter System you can get.    Well, we’re far past that now, and having a good water filter is no longer an option but a necessity. The quality of your life (and your family’s too) is dependent upon the quality of water you have available to drink (and cook, rinse our food, wash our face with and bathe in.) Drinking toxic water can be lethal, just ask people in Flint MI, as well as other less publicized places with tap water contamination. What you don’t know can hurt you, just watch the Great Culling movie below if you don’t realize what is going on with your water and why.      The absolute simplest thing I did to vastly improve my health, was to improve the quality of the water I was drinking. I drank tap water all the time, although it wasn’t as contaminated and toxic when I was a kid as it is now. I am very much into my health and see the value of preventative medicine, rather than being a regular customer of doctors or hospitals.   I prefer the holistic approach, which begins with putting the …

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Tap Water Filter

Aquasana-AQ-5300.56-tap water filter

  Tap Water Filter You may have asked yourself whether you really need a Tap Water Filter or is it tap water ok to drink and give to your family? Some tap water can be actually decent and good. I went on a vacation to Yosemite National Park and the water coming out of the tap actually tasted quite good. It had some alkaline minerals in it (what gives water good taste) probably because of all the rocks it has been filtered through. Unfortunately, not all water is like that! Most cities tap water is not only acidic (missing the healthy minerals that make water taste good and have a healthy alkaline ph balance) but has a lot of toxins in it, some added on purpose!   Sodium fluoride (not natural fluoride) is added “for your teeth.” What a joke! It lowers your IQ , jams up your pineal gland in your brain and wipes out your immune system. There is also a lot of microscopic “creepy crawlers” that pass through in your tap water. Even pristine Yosemite Water can have this problem. In other words, you need a Tap Water Filter, and you’ll see which water filters work best to filter tap water for your home, office, business or even on the go, so read on!     Is Tap Water Safe? Is Tap Water Safe? You may hear a report saying that tap water is safe and better than bottled water one day. Then the very next day we hear about thousands of people being poisoned by drinking tap water. So, which is the most accurate? Well, that actually depends on where you live. Some water districts are far better than others at eliminating the toxins cause illness but are still allowed in your tap water. Some, if not most in the …

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