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Tap Water Filter

You may have asked yourself whether you really need a Tap Water Filter or is it tap water ok to drink and give to your family? Some tap water can be actually decent and good. I went on a vacation to Yosemite National Park and the water coming out of the tap actually tasted quite good. It had some alkaline minerals in it (what gives water good taste) probably because of all the rocks it has been filtered through. Unfortunately, not all water is like that! Most cities tap water is not only acidic (missing the healthy minerals that make water taste good and have a healthy alkaline ph balance) but has a lot of toxins in it, some added on purpose!


Sodium fluoride (not natural fluoride) is added “for your teeth.” What a joke! It lowers your IQ , jams up your pineal gland in your brain and wipes out your immune system. There is also a lot of microscopic “creepy crawlers” that pass through in your tap water. Even pristine Yosemite Water can have this problem. In other words, you need a Tap Water Filter, and you'll see which water filters work best to filter tap water for your home, office, business or even on the go, so read on!


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Is Tap Water Safe?

Is Tap Water Safe? You may hear a report saying that tap water is safe and better than bottled water one day. Then the very next day we hear about thousands of people being poisoned by drinking tap water. So, which is the most accurate? Well, that actually depends on where you live. Some water districts are far better than others at eliminating the toxins cause illness but are still allowed in your tap water. Some, if not most in the US, add sodium fluoride, which is an environmental toxin as well as serious health issue (and it doesn't help your teeth, as advertised either, just causes dental fluorosis!) 


Most bottled water IS really just tap water, ran through a crude brita type filter, that masks the flavor of chlorine and fluoride but does remove them at all. Some bottled water makers even add extra fluoride! Unless it is ionized water, or Reverse Osmosis purified, then it has a lot of things you wish you hadn't known about. You're still far better off not putting any of those chemicals into your body. So Is Tap Water Safe? I think not!


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What's in Tap Water?

What's in Tap Water anyway? I'm sure you've heard by now that there is an ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan where toxic heavy metals like lead is being dumped into the tap water they use for drinking and bathing. Lawsuits are being filed against the city for allowing poisoned tap water to flow into people's homes without their knowledge.


Whole families have been poisoned and some have become very ill because of drinking and bathing in their city's tap water. It's not just Flint, MI either. It is happening in a lot of areas because because there is little public oversight on what is actually allowed into your family's drinking water.Here is a list of just a few of the most harmful toxins that recent testing has discovered in your tap water:

  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Beryllium
  • Boron
  • Cadmium
  • e-Coli
  • Fecal Cloiform Bacteria
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Lithium
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Sodium Chloride (chlorine)
  • Thallilum
  • Uranium
  • VOC's (volatile organic compounds)

I find it totally unbelievable in a “civilized society” that public health officials would allow this to happen to anyone, but welcome to today's world.



Lead in Water

Lead in Water? 42 States in the U.S. have been found to be recently contaminated with high levels of toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and arsenic flowing into their homes! Look at the above map of the U.S. showing levels of just lead in your tap water (<50ppb is recommended safe level.) And that is exactly why you need to filter your own! 


I stopped drinking tap water after discovering the very negative effects it was having on people's health and wellness (dizziness, lead toxicity, hair fallout, poor mental performance, poor athletic performance, problems with digestion) to name a few!  Do not trust any public agency to do this for you, they can't and they won't!  You need to look after your own health, and after your family's health, as you can do it better than any “public health official” can. 


Although, it is part of their job to do so, they are being paid by the chemical companies to allow them to dump toxic metals into your water supply. You need to know this and be smarter than they are, your health depends on it. Don't ever drink tap water, unless it's an emergency. If you have to, sip some, rinse your mouth, then spit it out! Do a regular heavy metal detox if you've have been drinking tap water for any length of time. 


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Best Tap Water Filter

What is the Best Tap Water Filter? The best water filter is one that is economical for you (most bang for the buck) that gives you the lowest cost (price per glass of filtered water, usually pennies, compared to dollars for bottled water!) and gets out all the harmful heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, microbes and medicines. And then adds back in the healthy minerals that make your drinking water a slightly alkaline pH that your body can actually use to hydrate and satisfy your body's needs for clean pure drinking water.


The most economical solution is to get a good quality tap water filter that removes all the harmful heavy metals and toxins like microbes, amoeba, bacteria, viruses as well as pesticide residues, herbicides, fungicides and flushed prescription medicines, like pain killers, hormone disrupters, heart medicines, cholesterol medicines, antibiotics and many others. You must get this out or it will end up in your brain, organs and tissues. And people wonder whey they never feel as good as they should or can!


Most unfiltered tap water is also highly acidic and makes your body an easy target for chronic disease, as they are all conditions where the body has become acidic. Filtering out the acidic chemicals gives your body a balanced pH (slightly alkaline) and good boost to your overall health and appearance. You will also notice better performance and quicker healing if you drink a more alkaline water regularly.  There are many good filters that get all the “nasties” out of your drinking water and improve your health faster than you realize. So, what is the best water filter for your health and lifestyle? Check out the water filer reviews below and you will see the best water filter for your home. 


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Water Filter Reviews

There are a few really great tap water filters that can be used anywhere you go, from home, to RV travel, to the great outdoors, and even survival situations. You will have the best water filter that makes sure the water you drink is the cleanest purest drinking water on the planet! Look at the below list for all the types of filters that purify tap water into clean pure safe drinking water that tastes great. Look at the following Tap Water Filter Reviews to see which is right for you:

Choose the best water filters for your individual needs, or use a combination water filters and purifiers to enjoy the best drinking water wherever you are, and wherever you may go.


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Tap Water Purifier

The best tap water filters are tap water purifier units. Here are my two personal tap water filter favorites, best in class for producing not just filtered tap water but purified tap water. For a portable table top unit that you can take anywhere I highly recommend you get a Berkey! See Berkey Water Filter Review for a breakdown of all sizes and capacities and ratings of Berkey Units.


For an inexpensive easy to install and use tap water filter highly recommend Aquasana Countertop Water Filters. They much more powerful than Brita or Pur water filters and are highly rated to get all the nasties out of your tap water and give you clean, clean and pure drinking water that tastes great. Since you are mostly water (75-80%) it makes sense to keep yourself filled with pure water that keeps your brain and body healthy and happy for the long haul. You and your family's health is worth it!


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